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Katya Buryakova

Art and Content

Katya Buryakova Belfast Artist Content Creator

Katya Buryakova is a Moscow born artist currently living and working in Belfast. Beginning as a painter, her practice is now multidisciplinary, encompassing sculpture, photography and film. As a descendent of Siberian Russians, she engaged in the study of the folk culture of the small communities of Russia, and in particular explored the study of myths and legends to interpret them in sculpture and video art.

Currently, Katya works in Digital Development. Her role is to promote digital literacy along with creating social media visual identity for artists, craft makers and businesses. Katya's work is known for its attention to detail, unique style, and ability to communicate complex ideas in a visually appealing way.




Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Premier


Adobe InDesign

Digital Drawing/Painting

Traditional Drawing



Contact Katya if you have any questions or are interested in improving your visual content

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I recently attended a two hour session with Katya Buryakova at Craft NI which focused on digital media and marketing. I can honestly say this was the most constructive and practical few hours of business advice I’ve received in the past few years. Katya asked me what my aims and concerns were and focused our session exactly on the information I was interested in exploring. This included video editing, photography for online selling and contemporary branding. We looked at Instagram, concentrating particularly on reels, followed by CapCut (completely new to me but really clearly demonstrated by Katya) and had a quick dip into photoshop for photo editing. I left the session with a clear understanding of what was attainable for me and really excited to explore the tools Katya had explained. I’ve already started putting this information to use, I especially like the idea that this aspect of a craft business can be as creative as we choose. Really recommend this process to any maker who wants to boost their digital skills and marketing, Katya is a font of information and enthusiasm, plus super friendly and welcoming! I’ll be looking out for any future sessions to attend, thanks Craft N.I. for organising this! Maggie Napier

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